Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy

OMT INTERNATIONAL is committed towards providing quality services to our customers and to Health, Safety and Environment excellence in all its business activities wherever it operates. It has been company vision to achieve zero injury to people, zero damage to property and zero pollution to the environment. To achieve the above, the company relies on a systematic and transparent approach thorough the following which applies to all employee and contractors.

  • Customer Focus. We proudly pronounce our commitment to meet our customers’ requirements through getting feedback for continuous improvement and timely reporting to ensure customer satisfaction. KPI shall be set by management in the annual QHSE plan.


  • Safe working environment. We deliver HSE excellence through leadership. Sound management practices shall meet or exceed all applicable government & client’s regulations and follow accepted industry practices. Everyone within the organisation required to understands the company’s HSE target as per laid in the annual QHSE plan. Management shall set KPI for HSE annually which includes limit for Incident, target of near miss report and lesson learnt captured. Management shall ensure HSE lesson learnt and best practise shall be shared amongst employee and contractor and advocate ZERO INCIDENT mind-set.


  • Environmental respect. We recognized environment aspect and impact during our activities and take all appropriate practicable measure to prevent indiscriminate release of harmful substances to the environment by ensuring all such emissions or releases are within applicable rules and regulation and advocate ZERO SPILL mind-set and set a proactive energy efficiency plan.


  • Work place free from drug and alcohol. All personnel blood alcohol content (BAC) shall not exceed 0.00% at work place and during driving. The uses of illicit drug are banned. The company has the right to conduct search, unannounced random drug and alcohol test to employees and contractor when deemed required. For cause testing shall be carried out to all employee and contractor directly involved in incident


  • Stop Work. No business operation will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety, all employee and contractor have the right and obligation to stop any work that they consider may create any unmanaged risk to personnel, asset and environmental

Reviewed and Approved by:

Norhirni Bt Muhammad Tahir

Executive Director

Date: 27 Feb 2019